Swan and Falcon

Where is summer going?

Manitoba Summer Games

So Tinker & Winkler’s own Jaydi Wiebe is off in Swan River to do the MB Summer Games. Two MTB races in two days, no doubt she will do her best (like usual). Go Jaydi! 

Falcon 24 / 8 Hour Race Report

It might have been the most Tinker riders in one place other than at Tinker in a long time. Rumour has it that the young gun Jason came in second in the 24 hour race & Alf 3rd, Peter 5th? Hard to know for sure, cause the organizers have not posted results… (Don’t they know how many fans Alf has?)

Tim L. anchored our 2 man team and we managed to pull off a win in the 8 hour race. Tim may not ride that much, but he can still ride. Marc Lebrun also did the 24 hour race – voyageur style. Auckland Lebrun was also on a kid’s team, that kid is so fast for 8 years old. Craig was there, but he had some other costume on.

Overall it was a fun event. Those who like to ride (or even race) did. Those who prefer other activities, did. Some fun new sections of trail, a new fun uphill bridge. Overall really good times. A much more amusing and comprehensive report here.




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  1. James
    James says:

    Way to go Jason, Alf, Peter, Kevin, Tim, Craig, and dare I say Marc and his kid “the ox” who are closet Tinker riders. There’s clearly something in the water here in the south…the Wpg contingent just needs to come out often enough to get some.

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