It’s been a season of blog hibernation.

Personally, I’m totally in hibernation mode. But I have kept myself busy reading Scott’s status on Facebook about his fatbike adventures. Meanwhile, others are planning some winter races / events, each with their very own YETI. So the farm team decided to get it’s very own yeti.


IceBike 2013 – “Revenge of the hashtag#”

Good news is hibernation has ended for IceBike. It’s back this February 10th. Jaxon (AKA “hashtag”) is organizing. Jaxon likes to have fun & he’s a good guy, I think he’ll do a great job. How about if some of those fat bikes make their way to Winnipeg and actually do some racing? Details & Registration info is here >


If that’s not long enough for you – Actif Epica 2013

Ian Hall is putting on Actif Epica on Feb 16th again. Details are here > Crazy long for a winter race. Last year they lucked out with warm temps and a south wind & very little snow. Hopefully the weather works out better for them this year. I nominate someone else to represent Tinker at this one.


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